Our Made in Italy in the world

The Michieli company was founded in the eighties, and, with the advent of new production systems and new product lines, it has consolidated considerably, gaining the trust of an increasing number of customers.

While design, research and image are important for Michieli’s history, manufacturing and its quality have been its determining factors. The dexterity, the design interpretation and the attention to details have always been the strength that has pushed Michieli to propose itself in “distant countries” to affirm the Made in Italy design.

Over the years, new technologies and research have been developed to create high-quality armchairs, sofas, beds and accessories made to last over time. From the choice of leather or fabric, to stitching and padding, everything is always handmade to guarantee quality and unique craftsmanship to the finished product.

In addition to normal production, Michieli executes custom-made sofas and chairs and customer designs while each product in the catalogue can be customised, both in terms of appearance and technical characteristics.

In recent years our products have found appreciation not only in Italy, but also from the attentive and informed public around the world. We are indeed proud to be able to say that our products have found their place in homes and offices in various cities around the world: from Milan to Phoenix, from Moscow to New York, from London to Chicago.

showroom michieli lugano


Located inside the Central Park in Lugano (Switzerland), the Michieli showroom has been designed to facilitate the consultation phases of each product, always offering priority to the paths and formal selections of the collection.

With well-marked spaces that provide the visitor with an all-round experience. Over 20 models available in a permanent exhibition, lots of colour ideas, loads of tips on maintenance and cleaning, rugs and design complements to define spaces.


Antonio Larosa and Paolo Passerini
the most significant among the architects who have collaborated with us and who contributed the most to the growth of “MICHIELI” in Italy and in the world


Interior Architect and Designer

Arizona, USA

Born and raised in Italy, Antonio Larosa studied Architecture and Design at the Milan Polytechnic. After graduating, he moved to the United States where he worked on various architecture, interior design and product design projects. His works have been exhibited in the most important international fairs in Milan, High Point, Chicago, Tokyo, Cologne, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong and in world-class galleries including the Vitra Design Museum. Larosa has been a professor at state and private American universities. For several years he directed the Furniture Design and Exhibition and Setting-up Departments at one of the major US universities. In 2001, the prestigious economic newspaper “The Business Journal” dedicated an entire page titled to him: “The Italian designer with an eye on what Americans want”. Larosa lives in Arizona but he divides his career between the USA, Italy and Russia.

Some of the most significant models designed by the architect La Rosa for Michieli:

arch 2


Interior Architect and Designer

Since his time at university, he has been experimenting
innovative materials and forms, (even if its serial products
are very concrete and therefore easy to read and place).
For over thirty years he has been working on projects that hold big
consideration of environmental sustainability, the value of recovering things, objects and traditions; always under the aegis of home comfort.
In rapid continuous change, the company has modified the way of living in the house “globalising” the spaces and environments of our everyday life.
This process inevitably leads to a homogenisation of the furnishings, impoverishing their creativity and personalisation. However, Passerini is convinced that architecture and design have the task and the responsibility to create new design solutions, aimed at communicating authentic and credible ideas and values.
The houses of the Passerini & Partners studio are “different”, conceived and designed to reflect
and recover energy.
In the Genoa Atelier, architects and Interior Designers professionally deal with the various phases of intervention: from the purely creative aspect to the executive project, to the renovation of buildings,
shops and exhibition spaces. The Industrial Design has always been a source of pride for the study, designing: furniture, lamps, kitchens, beds, cabinets for the Italian, Iberian and German furniture industry.

Some of the most significant models designed by the architect La Rosa for Michieli: